Get In Her Good Books

12 September 2018

Take a look through our extensive catalogue of gorgeous escorts and you'll notice every single one of them is stunning. They're all as pretty and as different as each other and make for the perfect companions all around London. Escorts are gorgeous, elite women so it's no surprise pretty much everyone who comes in contact with them, wants to impress them. 

That's same for our clients, many of our clients want to impress their escorts and be her best client and we thought we could help you get there by running through a short-list of things you could do to make sure you end up the perfect chapter in her good books. 

Some clients are respectful, enjoyable and are a delight to be around and other clients become an annoying talking point. To avoid becoming the latter, read on to find out what you could do to be one of her favourites, starting with:

The Screening Process

When booking one of our gorgeous London escorts you will go through a quick screening process over the phone which simply consists of a few questions for us to find out who you are. This is just basic information such as name, age, location and occupation. Some agencies screen their clients more thoroughly. 

Whether you're being grilled or have to answer a few simple questions go through the screening process professionally and answer all questions appropriately.

This is also an aptitude test and allows the agency and the escorts to decide whether your eligible for a booking so if you want to make sure you're a pleasant client and someone she looks forward to seeing, make the screening process pass as easily as possible. 

Pay Properly 

During your booking/screening process, the services, duration of the booking and the donation you're expected to give are all discussed. So never, under any circumstances, try to negotiate this later or under donate. This is a quick way to get your booking canceled and possibly black-list yourself from ever making a future booking. 

Don't Rant 

Although many clients book escorts to relieve the stress of the week and offload their problems onto a beautiful escort who will listen, that's fine. What you should do however is refrain from using your gorgeous London escort as a means to rant and especially if your rants are racist or prejudice. Escorts are people too and deserve respectful conversations. If you behave like this it's quite unlikely she will accept another booking from you. 

So there we have it, Simply pick up the phone and give us a call on +44(0)2075196969 and talk to our friendly members of staff who will help you on your way to your dream booking. If you don't fancy a phone call you can text us on 07921888888 or email us on [email protected]. We're open 7 days a week to 6 am and we also accept bitcoin payments now

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Happy booking!