How To Impress An Escort

11 May 2018

While our cheap escorts offer affordable rates, they hold themselves to elite standards and expect the same level of respect and attention that comes from such a status. As a result, impressing one of our escorts does take work but when you do treat them right, you’ll reap the rewards. 

Here are just a few useful tips for impressing an escort while out on a date:

Be Respectful 

It’s always an essential thing but treat your escort with respect. Yes, you’re paying for their time but that doesn’t mean they aren’t human one of the many added points to booking an escort is that you get to feel a level of intimacy with a beautiful woman and romantic affection always starts from the point of respect. Maybe ask her how her day is going or a recent movie she enjoyed, a little connection goes a long way.

Be Prompt 

The adage 'never leave a beautiful woman waiting' is never more relevant than it with one of our gorgeous GFE escorts. It’s always impressive when everything is smooth and goes well, make sure you have the money in her hand within the first ten minutes of getting through the door; she’ll know you care about her and that she’s getting paid. And leaving on time as well shows that you respect her space and profession enough to ensure things run smoothly. Take her somewhere interesting. 

Escorts regularly accompany high-powered businessmen to many locations all around London, from five-star restaurants to world-renown plays, GFE escorts have seen it all. If you want to impress an escort look for a date that’s a little out there, maybe find a crazy golf course or a bar that serves innovative cocktails. It will leave an impression and impress her.

Bring a gift

Although not expected a gift can be a lovely reminder of your time together and may make you more impressive to her. Simple things like good wine, chocolates and classic pieces of jewellery can make all the difference when spending time with an escort. They also show you’ve thought about her before spending time with her and that little bit of extra is bound to make you all the more impressive to her.

Have a sense of humour 

Sometimes men feel like they have to be serious when they spend time with one of our companions but hiring an escort is all about enjoying yourself. Everything is built around your enjoyment. So make sure to bring your sense of humour with you on the date, have a joke with her and just be playful, she’ll be impressed by your easy and approachable nature, and it will also mean that things will run smoother later on as well. 


It’s not dead you know! Opening a door or pulling out a chair at a restaurant is exceptionally chivalrous acts that are under-appreciated in today's modern society. Show your escort you appreciate her with a stunning show of gentlemanly behaviour, and she’ll be impressed you’re taking the time to take care of her.