Kings Cross Escorts

Welcome to our Kings Cross escort gallery, here your dreams of finding a beautiful companion to show you an incredible time will come true. Here at Bubbles we have seven years of experience operating as a London escort agency so we know it all when it comes to giving gentlemen the time they need. There are tens of babes to choose from who will be able to provide you with an unforgettable evening of pleasure, so don’t wait up and book one of these wonderful ladies tonight. 

How long will I have to wait until my escort arrives?

Normally when dealing with an outcall booking we will give our clients an estimate of roughly an hour, this allows them time to get ready and should there be any congestion on the way this normally will be gone within the hour. However if there is particularly heavy congestion for example if you booked on a particularly busy day in London, this can take longer but we will contact you should this be the case. If you are getting worried then you can also check Google Traffic which will show you a true representation of the traffic around the area.

Are there any additional fees I should know about?

The first fee that can be added onto your booking fee and will be in most outcall bookings is the surcharge on the taxi to get your Kings Cross escort out to see you, and will normally not take up a large percentage of your booking. The second fee that can be put onto your booking are any extras that you may want your chosen companion to do, this will be dependent on a girl-to-girl basis as not all of them provide extras but you can find this out by looking at their profiles. Whichever extras you may want will cost a little extra, but if you are into whichever ones they may be offering they will definitely be worth the price.

What details do I need to give to Bubbles before my booking?

All we will need from you in order to make your booking a smashing success will be found below, please provide us with this when you call in or email us.

  • The name you would like us to use
  • A telephone number that we can contact you on
  • An email address so we can contact you should you prefer this instead
  • The date of the booking
  • The address of where you want your escort to meet you

Once we have received all of this we will then contact you and let you know if we have confirmed your booking, and then you can be on your way to your dream date. We like to do this to make sure our Kings Cross escorts will be safe, they are what brings people to the site so we need them to be able to feel secure.

How can I book a Kings Cross escort with Bubbles?

We make sure that whenever one of our clients makes a booking they will be able to do it with a method that suits them, therefore we have multiple options available which you can then use to proceed with your booking. We pride ourselves on these options as they allow you to pick something that you will be entirely comfortable with.

The first and most utilised method by our clients is to simply make a phone call to +442075196969, this will put you through to our reception team and they will help you on your way to making a booking. You will be able to ask any questions and request any advice you may need before your booking can continue.

The second option is also related to the phone and that is to text 07921888888 which you can use to make a booking request or to set a reminder for us to call you regarding your booking. This is a good option if you only have a few minutes and would like to talk to us later, or if you would like to do your entire booking via text.

Another option is to just email us at [email protected], similarly to the text you can either make a full booking request or send us a reminder to give you a call at a later date. When making a request you can input all the details needed for the booking, and have a reply ready for you within 24 hours.

The final option which is perfect for gentlemen who do not feel comfortable calling in is the booking form accessible at the top of the page, this lets you fill out everything at your own pace and take your time without the pressure of a phone call looming over you. Be aware that this can take up to 24 hours to process so it should only really be used for bookings you would like to make in advance.

You can’t go wrong booking one of our Kings Cross escorts, they will absolutely blow you away so don’t wait up and get in touch today.