What it takes to be a perfect escort

For some working as a London escort can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but there is a lot more to it than some may lead you to think. So many have misconstrued outlook on what it takes to be a high-class call girl thanks to tv shows like ITV 2's 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl'. 

So what I want to do today was for those of you who are a little more invested in becoming on of the best escorts London has to offer. 

Put in the time and you will be rewarded

So many think that being an escort is something that you can do for 10 minutes out of the day and see a huge reward for it when this is as far from the truth as it can be. To be a successful London escort you have to invest a number of hours in fact you have to invest a large majority of your time to be one of the best.

From managing your online presence to keeping up with clients there is a number of things you have to keep on top of to be one of the best escorts in London. 

Invest in yourself. 

Now, this does not mean go out and spend £1000 on a night out no but means invest in making your service that much better. Look after you appearance everything from your hair to your nails book in time to get these done. Invest in some lingerie that makes you feel sexy or buy that long black dress you have always wanted.

Now investing in yourself doesn't mean just buy new clothes and getting your nails done no it includes a number of other things as well. It also includes reading the news, reading a book and generally looking to improve yourself. Clients don't want a companion who bores them so make sure you have something to say to ensure you clients are invested in the booking.

Have a goal.

Being an escort is an incredibly lucrative business and for most means, they have a fair amount of disposable income.  As well as this you have a lot of free time as being an escort isn't your standard 9-5. Use this time to help you achieve your goals, want to learn a new skill do it at this time, want to go to university then this is the time you should do it in. 

Be friendly.
Yeah, this seems like a simple one but so many who come into this industry end up treating their clients terribly and generally just not caring. If you are going to be a successful companion then you need to keep these few things in mind:

  • Many of your clients are going to be lonely. Not everyone is lucky enough to find their other half so instead, will resort to booking a London escort. Be friendly to them and don't spend time reminding them about how they don't have someone else.
  • Not all but a number of your clients are going to be nervous especially if this is their first time booking an escort. Make sure you work on settling these clients down not only will they thank you for it but this is how your get returning clients. 

Respect the boundaries.

When working as a companion in you are going to be meeting a number of people from all over the world and with this comes a responsibility. First, don't go texting a regular client just because you are low on money. Never give out any information about your client even if you are leaving the industry unless you have cleared it with your client first. 

Be careful who you trust. 

Coming into this industry you will meet a number of people who say trust me or don't trust them. Now, this is fine but trust your guy, not everyone is there to help you and sometimes many of them are just there to earn a bit of extra cash. 

If you decide to tell anyone what you do for a living make sure its someone you can trust. So many people in this industry have told friends and family and because of what they do have lost them. Not everyone is open-minded so be careful.