Types Of Escorts

10 June 2018

You’ve landed on our website and you’ve decided to sit back, and scroll through to find your dream girl to provide you with an entertaining, fulfilling, and pleasuring evening. However, you’re not entirely sure what kind of woman you’re after, what type of girl you’ll have the best time with and who you think will turn you on the most.

Obviously just by looking at our incredible escorts, it’s easy to know which you’ll feel the most attracted to, and who you want to be cuddled up with and showering with affection, however, it’d be useful to know the kinds of different traits some of our escorts have, right? We’ve selected four ‘types’ of escorts, in no particular order, hopefully, to give you a little help when it comes to deciding which kind of girl you want to add a kick of heat to any occasion:


If all you want to do is spoil, pamper, and shower a beautiful and extravagant woman with expensive gifts, look no further. Our materialistic girls love the high-flying buzzing lifestyle of being an escort, and all of the escapades that she is able to experience through meeting many different people, from different walks of life. Dressed and styled in only the finest money can buy, our material girls expect nothing but optimum effort, and in return, she will make sure your eyes are on her at all times with just how glamorous she looks. If you’re happy to splash your cash and show your gratitude through shopping bags and gift boxes, the material girl will be more than happy to let you dote on her. Our material girls will expect their services to be thanked with presents so be prepared just like Eva.


Your inner control freak is crying out to get the chance to play, which is easily done with a submissive escort. These escorts specialise in allowing you to be the dominant at all times, either because they enjoy playing the role of a submissive more as it means you can take the reigns, or because you’ve requested this if your escort is happy to carry this out. A submissive escort will cater her services especially for you and make it completely bespoke. She will treat you like a king, pamper you, massage you and help you unwind so that you can be pleasured as and when you please. This is your chance to take control and have a beautiful escort want to tend to you and do everything she can to make sure you’re feeling nothing but arousal. If you want her to dress in anything specific, she will do this for you just to make you happy.


A mistress is perfect for the naughty men out there who are seeking out a bit of escapism. For the men who are playing away from home, mistresses/dominatrix escorts are perfect for you to live out your fantasies and to add some excitement to your life. A mistress is highly experienced, especially for men who are already in committed relationships, providing discretion, a listening ear, and more than capable hands to take very special and attentive care of you. A mistress is more mature than our younger escorts, but not to say she’s any less adventurous and wild. In fact, with a more enhanced professionalism, your mistress will help you bring all of your deepest fantasies to life.


If intimacy isn’t the first thing that springs to your mind when you’ve decided to proceed with booking an escort, going for a conversationalist type is perfect for you. For an evening of hearty conversation, professionalism, culture, and a good laugh, a conversationalist type will make sure you’re more than comfortable in her presence. These types of escorts are quite cultured and have maybe travelled through their escorting profession, and have met many different people that have passed on knowledge to them that they’ve gathered over the years. These escorts are known to offer GFE services and enjoy just sitting down over maybe just a few drinks at the bar, and will be more than happy to keep you company and just talk to you about your day at work, your favourite foods, or just to help you break the ice at an event that you may feel a bit anxious about, she will help you break out of your shell.

With such different personalities, different beauties, and different walks of life, we hope that you find the right kind of girl at Bubbles who catches your eye! Happy booking, enjoy and thanks for reading.