Using Bubbles Escorts For The First Time

10 March 2018

Here at Bubbles Escorts, we have noticed that we haven't been updating our escorts guide as much as we would like and for that, we apologise. We are committed to offering you in-depth tips, tricks, and stories about the London escort industry such as our brand new partnership with Bunny Token which ensures you can book our bitcoin escorts easier than ever before. For that reason, you will see that we are going to bring you a new blog a week from this point onwards. So keep checking back to our escorts guide to see our latest blog. Now I have addressed this, enjoy our blog offering you tips to booking your first escort with our agency.

If you’re considering seeing an escort for the first time then there’s no better place to look than Bubbles Escorts. We are the best and one of the longest-running escort agencies in London, our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled amongst our competitors. At Bubbles we know that there isn’t a ‘typical’ client for an escort agency, they come in all different shapes and sizes, just like our girls and we know they are all looking for something unique. When booking your first escorts with our agency, feel free to give us a call to discuss your preferences. We’ll be happy to provide you with a recommendation there are many escorts at Bubbles who enjoy meeting first-timers. Or feel free to look around our website at the type of services each girl is offering and where they can meet you.

Make sure you take time out of your schedule to meet with an escort so that there will be no interruptions. For your first time with a companion, it’s important to be polite and respectful towards her so you can both move things along swiftly and enjoy your time together. This means being clean, nice smelling and having the money ready for her as soon as you meet. To put it simply these actions eliminate a lot of the awkwardness that you may be worried about when it’s your first time. After that more than anything, this is a time when you’re supposed to relax and enjoy yourself, be assured that all of the escort girls at our agency have all been thoroughly vetted and resemble their pictures 100%. Just check out our selfie escorts and you can see this. This session is completely and totally about you and what you want to do your happiness is the main goal of the booking and spending time with one of our gorgeous girls assures that for you.

How To Make The Most Our Of Your Booking

So we can't offer you tips on booking our escorts without letting you know how to make the most out of your booking. So, regardless of how long you wish to spend with an escort, there are many ways to help make the most of the time you’re spending together. Firstly make sure you’re excited about the escort you’re seeing, this means filtering out preferences and picking the girl that you find the most attractive not just what you think you should be attractive. This experience is one of the only things in your life that will be tailored just to your specifications.

A key to any form of encounter is communication. Your booking with an escort can only be satisfactory for you if the escort knows what you want from them. This means being absolutely clear about what you want her to do. If you aren’t good with verbal communication than you are free to book with Bubbles Escorts online form and in the special requirements part specify this and the friendly team at Bubbles will cater to your needs. Honesty and transparency will make this booking instantly more satisfiable.

By taking away confusion in the initial stages of your booking things will go smoother and be a more enjoyable experience for both of you. Being courteous to your escort will also improve your booking, this means being polite and presentable. Showering, smelling nice and brushing your teeth are all common courtesies when visiting an escort and will make the experience for enjoyable as you’ll be more attractive to her as well. Keep a clear head and don’t be under the influence of drugs, if you’re comfortable with it you may both choose to drink when you’re together. Payment method should be worked out beforehand, haggling and bartering will only eat into the time of your booking and make the experience less enjoyable for you.

I hope you have taken away some key information from our latest blog and if you would like to learn more about booking our escorts to sure to keep up to date with our escorts guide!