Perks of Escorting

Having a job, and being able to provide for yourself is always a rewarding feeling, and it’s especially rewarding if you’re earning whilst enjoying yourself, and reaping the benefits. When it comes to deciding a path to go down, it’s always great to have a bit of motivation in plain sight to make the decision easier for us to take, and to give us a bit more drive to continue working hard. If you’re an escort or thinking about coming to an escort, it’s always useful to know the benefits of the escorting industry to give us a little pick me up if we’re feeling a little unsure, or just to remind ourselves about the brilliant perks of escorting! So without further ado, in no particular order, here are 4 motivations for escorts:

Money Money Money!

A lot of businesses depend on seasons for how successful they are e.g. retail absolutely booms during Christmas time, as people are always shopping for gifts, and fancy dress costume stores mostly opening during Halloween time because of a declining custom every other time. There really is never a bad time for business in the escorting industry though, as it relies on people wanting companionship, and as love is what makes the world go around, everyone is seeking that companionship. Our escorts are booked for many different reasons, including birthday parties, or simply just for a romantic dinner out. 

Being in such a high demand all the time to provide companionship for lonely individuals, and also having the freedom to work flexible hours, your wage is noticeably larger than the national minimum wage. Also, because all transactions are dealt in cash in hand, this is yours to treat yourself with without having to wait for payday at the end of the month!


Being in such a buzzing and sociable industry means that every day you’ll come across new and exciting people who have led various different lives, lived through different challenging experiences, and who all carry different, insightful and unique wisdom and opinions. Being able to share time and conversations with so many different people not only boosts your confidence, it can improve your interpersonal skills and also just make your days that bit more interesting. You might hear a story from a client that makes you crack up with laughter every time you think about it, or you might receive a piece of advice from a client that you find yourself holding very close to your heart. You never know what types of connections you might find yourself gaining through meeting new clients.


Knowing that you’re appreciated and that someone is grateful to you for something that you’ve put the effort in to do for them is always a really nice feeling, and a good pick me up if we’re not feeling our absolute best. 
One great perk about being an escort is that you’ll come across a lot of very sweet clients who are more than appreciative of your services and want to show you how thankful they are and how happy you’ve made them. One way which they display their joy is through showering you with extravagant gifts, whether they be new red soles, designer dresses or just fragrant bouquets of roses, it’s always nice for your efforts to be recognised and who doesn’t like a fancy little gift now and then.

Affection & Attention

Escorts choose this profession for various different reasons, and some escorts even choose to provide companionship for their own emotional fulfilment. Some escorts may just want to experience affection and gaining attention from someone else without any emotional attachment.With escorting, you can get most things you could out of a relationship without any feelings involved. You can look your absolute best for your client and you’ll know that he’ll make sure you’re aware of just how good you look. He won’t fail to make you feel like a princess, pay you compliment after compliment and make you feel like you really are the only girl in the world.

Everyone has their own personal motivations, and of course, they’re not just limited to these! Having something to keep you going is always useful and makes the experience feel way more worthwhile. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!