Let Go

15 August 2018

Escorts can make you feel like a million pounds with a simple red-coated smile and a few kind words. Mutual respect is important, in fact, the industry is built on it. So today, we thought we could go over things you should definitely not say to your escort. 

Our clients are a complete gentleman so we're sure you don't say any of these things anyway but just-in-case, here's our short-list of things you shouldn't say to an escort. 
In no particular order, let's start with:

'I Bet I'm Your Favourite' 

C'mon. You're with an escort. A gorgeous elite London escort who see's many clients and probably has more than a few who she enjoys spending time with. Even if you are her favourite she probably;y won't ever let you know, and don't ruin it by being egotistical and assuming you're her favourite, this is a quick way to end up her least favourite. Remember boys, humility can also be very sexy. 


You Look Different In Your Pics 

Yeh? So does everyone. Telling her she looks different in her pics isn't a compliment to her unless you're telling her how breathtakingly stunning she is in real life compared to her pics. Everybody knows pictures are an exaggerated version of us unless you are looking at our selfie escorts.

Airbrushed and manipulated to get the perfect angle and lighting to highlight features. Judging a person based on a photograph is immature and ignorant, besides all our girls look even better in real life. 

Can I Do Anything?

Escorts provide a service, which means there are boundaries to where one service ends and where another begins. This means you can't just book an escort and then proceed to do whatever you want. 

What you want to do has to be stated and agreed upon and any other service you have to state this during the screening process. Just because you book an escort doesn't mean you own her. Escorts have the freedom to deny to participate in anything and end a booking when they feel like it. 

The are many types of escorts in London, including those who are stunning. beautiful. gorgeous. elite. friendly. amazing. Escorts are all these qualities and more, but it's important, as clients you respect the profession as our gorgeous escorts respect your needs. 

This was our last blog and today we figured we would do a part 2 since there are a couple more things we could inform you on what not to say to an escort.

Like we mentioned previously, all our clients are perfect gentlemen and this blog is simply to inform so the next time you're with one of our gorgeous escorts you'll know you're not saying anything incredibly stupid. 

So without further ado, let's get into our second short-list of things you shouldn't say to an escort, starting with:

''Can I Get 15 Minutes Free?''

Escorts are providing a service and that's something that needs to be respected. Asking for a free 15 minutes on top of your booking isn't a very smart thing to do. Also if you want the extra time it can be arranged, but asking for free time in insulting.

You wouldn't pop into Nando's and ask them for free chicken, would you? Give our gorgeous escorts the same courtesy and donates towards anything extra you would like. 

' I Want My Money Back ' 

In some cases, an escort may underperform. Such as not wearing the nurse outfit she agreed to. In these cases, a refund can be possible. If you have, however, experienced the booking you agreed to, and the booking went accordingly. then asking for a refund is pathetic and can also get you into her bad books. Her price really is her price.

An escort may blacklist you from this point on and if your shenanigans are regular, the agency may even choose to block you from making any further bookings. 

Would You Like To Go out 

Again, escorts are providing a service and part of their service is a smile. Escorts know exactly how to make clients feel good, feel wanted and feel special, but this is not an open invitation to ask her out. 

Many escorts already have partners or have no interest in finding one through a client. Many escorts don't wish to mix up their private life with their escorting, so refrain from dating clients. Also if she's interested in you in that way she'll let you know, don't use you're booking as an invitation to hit on her. 


Thank you for reading, we hope you found our blog entertaining and informative and if you would like to book one of our escorts simply pick up the phone and call us on 0207 519 6969. You can also text us on 07921888888 or fill out our online booking form and our friendly members of staff will help pair you with your ideal Escorts. Have fun and happy booking!