Identity Protection

Escorting is a profession many people choose to join and despite the free will to join, the will to be free is slightly more difficult to achieve. Many London escorts choose to hide or protect their true identities and this is evident from the number of escorts who have blurred out their faces in pictures or simply cropped them out altogether. Why do escorts do this though? Some agencies and escorts have claimed bookings increase when escorts display their face but many still choose to hide their face. The first and most obvious reason for why escorts would protect their identities is to stop friends and family from finding out. It can be very difficult for an escort to tell people of her profession as a society still has a somewhat lingering stigma on the entire profession.

Some people may come from deeply religious backgrounds or descend from cultures that frown upon escorting. Other people may just not want people to know what they do as it's private to them and they have a fear relationship will loved ones could be tainted. Friends may not always understand why someone has chosen to be an escort so for this reason many escorts choose to keep their escorting and civilian life as separate as possible. For some women, escorting is a part-time job and they may carry out other responsibilities outside of escorting such as other jobs. Many escorts work normal jobs in offices and the public service sector and have a fear that the escorting aspect of their lives will be exposed and they'll lose their other jobs. For this reason, many escorts choose to keep this extracurricular activity closer to the chest.

Getting exposed to family or your colleagues is embarrassing enough, but being out to the world is another level of exposure and one most escorts, don't wish for. There is a chance someone could recognise you in your photo's and if you are trying to keep your escorting life more discreet than this can be detrimental to whatever illusion you've created for those around you. People may expose you on social media such as Facebook or Twitter and this is hard to reverse as you can never really be sure who exposed you, why they did it, how they did it, how many people saw it and if they'll ever do it again.

The last reason is more for personal safety and although not incredibly common, some clients do get quite obsessed with their bookings and may even feel in love with them or entitled to them. It's important to protect your identity from obsessive people as they may turn up to your workplace, expose you online, follow you in public or turn up to your home of residence. It's not just obsessive people, however, unsatisfied and aggressive clients are also what escorts are wiery of and having a little mystery between client and escort not only adds to the allure but adds to the safety aspect for both parties. This article is in no way to show escorting as a dangerous profession, but simply to say there are safety measures, like any profession, to be wary of and as an escort following these precautions can contribute to the level of success you achieve and as far as clients are concerned, if they understand why an escort behaves in a particular manner, they can be more understanding and tactful of her needs.