Whats Your Fantasy? BDSM escorts?

20 August 2020

Fantasies are something we all experience and whether we like to talk about them or not there's no denying we experience them. Some of us fantasise more intensely and experiencing our fantasy is an aim to live out, For others, they're happy to keep their fantasies as nothing more than fantasies. Meeting an escort for some gentlemen is a fantasy which our London escort agency has helped become reality over the last 20 years. Now in 2020, we are making it possible to live out your deepest and darkest fantasies with BDSM escorts in London. Yes, you heard right, you can now become the master (or slave) that you have always desired. But before you head off and visit our gallery filled with mistresses and submissives who love kinky play, why not find out more out the types of fantasies your trying to hide away.


Do you like being tied up, or even being in total control and tieing somebody else up? Bondage can work either way and is simply about transferring all the power in the dynamic from both parties to one person. This means one person is in total control, while the other person has no choice but to submit. Both men and women enjoy being dominated and some people even switch who has the power continuously. 

Powerful men generally enjoy being dominated as this allows them to experience something where for the first time they aren't in control. Also, having a gorgeous London escort do what she wants with you is a dream for pretty much all of us, isn't it? 

When enjoying bondage play, remember to be safe. BDSM escorts are professionals in how to be safe whilst be bound. If you do want to try it out for yourself at home with your partner, be sure to not to tie the robes, belts or whatever is wrapped around the wrists, ankles or throat to not be too tight.

Being The Master

There is a thrill of being in full control of a situation. You can have your partner do anything you want and that goes to how extreme you want to be with a submissive escort or partner. If you like inflicting pain, this role is for you, if you know what you like and demand the best, this role is for you. If you have a fantasy you want to enjoy, this is your chance to become the master, the leader and make sure you take control in enjoying the experience you want.

Why Do We Have These Fantasies?

Sometimes a little naughtiness is enough to get our juices flowing and doing what we're not supposed to be doing can really pump our hearts. Or rather doing who we're not supposed to be doing. Best friends partner, friends parents or teachers are all examples of people we shouldn't be courting or having any naughtiness with but that just makes it hotter for some people. If you wish to live out a fantasy with a teacher, for example, you can book one of our gorgeous escorts to role-play that scenario for you.

Maybe we have these fantasies because having any intimate interaction with a stranger can also be a powerful aphrodisiac. This is because being with a stranger removes a lot of pressure of being with someone you really want to impress long-term. With a stranger, you don't have to worry about any further commitments or responsibilities and enjoying a completely unfamiliar person can feel like an exhilarating experience. All our escorts make for the perfect companions just Monica like whether you've booked them before or not. 

At the end of the day, do what makes you happy. Don't surpress your urges and find someone who wants to indulge in the same fantasies as you.