Escorts Vs. A Relationship

If you're male, like me, and you're relatively new to the world of London escorts, again like myself, then you've probably started to tott up the pro's and con's of paying for a female's company against a conventional relationship - Which Is completely natural.

Firstly, I would like to address a popular opinion, but People say the best things in life are free, which is false. At the very least it is when you are able to put a price on some of the best things, like the time of an incredibly beautiful and sensual woman.

Let me analogise; If you were to need a haircut so you go to the barbers but upon arrival you notice that there is an apprentice there working, alongside your usual barber. Now your usual, trusty barber asks if you would like to have your haircut by the apprentice at a discounted price - You now have two options; save a few pence and have your hair potentially ransacked by the barbers apprentice or have your hair cut by your usual, professional barber. And with the fee that you pay to your barber - you expect a good, thorough cut with an excellent finish. After All, you paid with your hard earned cash for a professional and skilled job. The same principle is true when it comes to London escorts - they're professionals at what they do, they're naturals in making you feel comfortable and making your encounter one worth remembering. Ultimately it is their business to make you feel good - just as it's a barbers job to cut your hair. Now, let's talk about the alternative, finding a partner to be intimate with.

Okay so assuming you've utilised all of the dating tools at your very fingertips such as; tinder, plenty of fish or and managed to get yourself a date. Bully for you! Obviously, what everyone is looking for in a relationship is different, so we will use getting “intimate” as a benchmark for time scales when comparing buying time with an escort to an actual relationship.

First date With any luck you already look half presentable, so we won't factor in the cost of getting yourself groomed and we won't take into account the cost of a set of new threads because for the sake of argument - your wardrobe is already packed out with pimped out assembles. So onto the date! Dinner for two if you spend less than £40 on food and drink, you're lucky.

Second date With any luck, the first date went swell thanks to your witty observations and delivilish good looks. So, dinner's done, you need a new date venue - You've done a bit of talking already, so you figure that new romantic comedy has just been released at the cinema and it's exactly the type of good, honest fun that will have your date in stitches. Not literally. But at any rate you're forking out for this one buddy. At a bare minimum, you're paying £15 for two adult tickets plus £10 for popcorn and a drink...and that's just yours!

Third date The big third date, almost universally known as the date that things start to get intimate. Well done!, You've made it this far, Sonny. But there are no guarantees in the world of dating, so you decide to help your odds by indulging in a night of dancing and drinks. Let's talk best case scenario, you spend a few hours kissing and badly dancing with each other you go to get a taxi, notice you've already spent £100 thus far on club entry and jaegerbombs - You pay the taxi, which takes your running total to £165 and now you're thinking, “I bloody well hope she wants to come in for a coffee.”

Comparison For the sake of argument, let's say your date did come in for a coffee. Hurray!!! But you have still spent £45 (And we're being generous) over what it would have costed with one of our gorgeous, sexy and sensual ladies. So do yourself a favour, give one of our London escorts a call today!