Escorts Flirting

Escorts like flirting. They explain it that they can promise practically everything but it depends on them to decide whether to keep their promises or not. Escorts are fond of flirt because it is not hackneyed when a woman and a man meet and do not know what to speak about and it is not just - 'Hello Sweetie! I love you!'. It is the flow of fantasy - an escort is on the stage, she is an actress, and she plays her role. And it does not matter that she has only one viewer - she plays for him and only for him! They are crazy about flirting because they are viewers themselves of the actors who flirt - mutual flirting is even more interesting and involving.

Flirt is a game. It is a game with its rules and without rules at all. The people who are involved in flirting set these rules themselves and everything that was invented before you can be either used or forgotten. Wins not the one who can play according to the rules but the one who can refuse all the rules at once and offer your own rules.

Flirt is not just a game. Sometimes even the simplest conversation between an escort and her partner may seem a foreign chat with a lot of implication which is understandable for the two who are speaking it is like a completely different language. What kind of language is it? And what connects these two people? Flirting is not a relationship or a feeling it is something more.

Flirt is as changeable as women's clothes. At the times of fans and big female dresses with corsets languishing glances and accidentally dropped glove were considered to be flirt. When courageous knights won their hearts with brave deeds perfumed handkerchiefs and mysterious allusions for being the only one to marry this lady. And what kind of flirting is popular nowadays?

So escorts have put on jeans and lace dresses, luxurious fur coats and glamorous skirts, shoes on high heels and combine the things that are not always easy to combine. And flirting resembles this combination. The motto of the flirting game - be extraordinary and put together feelings and emotions that are completely different. He is strong and self-confident but who is he to judge? Should an escort wait for his call? Why? She is an attractive woman in jeans and on high heels - she can call him herself. The main principle in this game of flirting is a yes-no answer. Tell him yes if you want it yourself. It does not mean that next time you will not be a modest girl in a dress with laces who says 'no' to an initiation for a cup of tea at his place.

Flirting with a man escorts always remember that they are interesting for their partners until you are a mystery for him. Thus try to be mysterious as long as possible and you will prolong the feeling of pleasure and happiness for an indefinite time. Do you remember a fairy-tale "Cinderella"? And what made the prince to fall in love with her? It is mystery, of course. And a fairy knew what she did when she let Cinderella stay at the ball only till 12 p.m. Every person can have their own interpretation of the episode but as we speak about flirting, it suits here better than something else.

What can be enigmatic in a simple escort? Many of women can think that there is nothing special in them but it is not true. Any girl is singular and this is the first thing that any female should remember and your partner should know about it. But a good player will also let your understand that he is not bad at all. And if somehow you still think that there is nothing particular in you - invent it! You are an actress!

Another important rule of flirting is female eyes. Though that it is possible to go astray from the rules and use tender touches. Escorts have some technique here to share. They accidentally touch their partners as if they do not notice it themselves.

And to cut a long flirting story short, put on anything that you like and do not be afraid of playing your role because flirt is just a game, isn't it? Or at least everybody decides for themselves - for some people flirting is the whole life, interesting, bright, full of events and stage performances let them be just for one but they are real.

Escorts like flirting for the freedom it gives and for the possibility to play the role which can be not successful in other circumstances.