Escort or Prostitute - Know the Difference

23 July 2020

In most countries, states and districts, escorts and prostitutes are seen as different entities which mean different things and are governed by different laws. So to clear up all of the confusion, here is a guide so you know what type of sex workers you want to meet in London without fear of breaking the law.

What is an Escort?

In London, an escort is either an adult entertainer or a companion for someone who has paid time for their company. An escort does not automatically mean they offer sexual services, as they accept payments for non sexual services such as dinner dates. Dates with an escort can last from 30 minutes to overnight stays.

Note: Escorts can also be described as call girls, companions, courtesans

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What is a Prostitute?

A prostitute is a lady who performs sexual acts for money. Prostitutes tend to offer much cheaper services than London escorts, with some prostitutes charging as little as £20 for services. In London, prostitutes can be found around mainly red light districts like Soho.

Is Prostitution in London Illegal?

In Great Britain, prostitution, which is regarded as the exchange of sexual services for money, is actually legal despite all of the misconceptions around the topic. However, certain elements which have links to prostitution such as kerb crawling, street prostitution, owning or running a brothel and pimping are crimes. 

What you do need to keep in mind however is the fact that, even though the age of consent in the UK is 16 years old, it is illegal to buy sex from an escort who is younger than 18 years old.

What Are The Laws Surrounding Escorting?

Escorting is completely legal. The term escort simply describes someone who sells their company for time. Most of the time escorts will have sex with their clients, however what goes on when two consenting adults meet is up to them. For that very reason, escorts are doing nothing wrong by law.

What might be worth knowing however if you run a London escort agency like Bubbles Escorts, It is illegal for escort owners to represent escorts who live in incall apartments where there may be 3 or more call girls living. The reason for this is because an apartment where 3 or more escorts are living can be considered a brothel.

Why Do Escorts Rates Cost More?

In London, the cheapest escorts you will meet cost £80 an hour. An average rate for an escort in London is £150 and high class escorts are £300 plus. Compared to the average price of £40 for a prostitute you can see a big difference.

The reason why escorts charge more than prostitutes is because these ladies are professionals. Escorts are trained, vetted and tested to ensure that all bookings between escorts and clients are safe, which are lengths prostitutes do not go to.