Erotic Games

Do you want to make your sex life more exciting? Do you wish to see your partner loosing his or her mind about you? Then stop doing the same things in the bed all the time and get creative. How to do this? Easily. Switch on your imagination and play different erotic games with your blonde, brunette, Eastern European, Latin or Asian bed escort. It's a great fun once you get it going! Choose a right time when you are not going to be interrupted by kids wanting biscuits, bosses wanting answers or dogs to be let out for a pee. And finally clear your mind of other distractions, have a drink (better a few) and enjoy this well-earned time out from the tedium of real life.

There are plenty fantastic erotic games for women and men.

For her:

1. Ask her which famous person she'd most like to take to bed, then make up a fantasy about him for her. As you're having sex, repeat it out loud.

2. Jump on her as you are both about to rush out of the door. Let your eyes travel over her body and tell her you have to have her now!

3. Text her the first two sentences of a steamy fantasy and get her to add the next two You can do this remotely or from opposite ends of the sofa.

4. Book a weekend at a sexy luxury hotel. Wrap up the brochure with a detailed handwritten itinerary of everything you intend to do to her and for her. All she has to do is lie back and take.

5. Blindfold her and tie her hands. Lead her into a room and leave alone... Enter the room, come up behind her, and tell her you are handsome stranger who's fancied her from afar. She has a boyfriend but she's arranged to meet you, her unknown admirer, in a hotel room. Enjoy...

For him:

1. He is unlikely to ask for a head massage, but he'll soon be begging for more. Nestle your fingers in his hair and massage in a firm, circular motion.

2. Buy a case of his favourite wine and wrap 12 notes around the neck of each bottle detailing things you are planning to do to him as you are sharing the wine. This is a great birthday or Valentine's treat.

3. Plan a bed picnic. The bed picnic is infinitely suitable for all sorts of occasions (birthday, Valentine's Day and so on). Here is some ideas for what it should include: Food you can eat with your fingers (chocolates, exotic mini-sandwiches). Food you can smear all over each other (honey, ice-cream, cream, yoghurt). A bottle of champers (on ice, you can use the ice-cubes too...).

4. Dress in high heels and your sexiest lingerie. Get him to lie down and wait until he is fully relaxed... Then you can really take control. He lies back while you do everything. Start by stroking him all over, follow with the best oral sex he has never had (stopping before he gets too excited), then put the poor guy out of his misery by climbing on top.

5. Blindfold and handcuff him, then strip while giving a running commentary. Dance and gyrate around and against him (touching him briefly as you flaunt that flesh) and remove items of clothing. Stroke each item of clothing against his face, particularly under his nose, as it comes off. Then remove the blindfold and untie him, but order him to keep his eyes shut. When you say ''open'', he'll be treated to the sight of you, sprawled on the bed, totally naked and totally ready for him.

Make your sexual life more thrilling, full of pleasure, hot and chilly emotions. If you are looking for sweet experience and want to try new things, sex games are made specially for you. You can play these erotic games with your sweetheart or with an escort lady, no doubt you will have a perfect, intimate experience. Have fun and enjoy your life!