Do's When With A Client

31 August 2018

Today we figured we could talk about the things to keep in mind when you're actually with your client. So the booking process has gone smoothly, we've thoroughly screened your client and you're confident you want to meet him, which is why escorts choose to work for us. Once you do though what should you keep in mind? If you're an active escort you probably have our short-list covered and if you're an aspiring new escort you may want to take notes so you know what to expect in the possible future. 

So let's start with what you should do when with a client starting with:


This should go without saying but make sure you carry condoms. We know, we know, your clients are perfect gentlemen and they always carry their own protection but just in case you meet the odd client who doesn't have any or who's suddenly 'misplaced' then it's good to carry a few extra with you to make sure your client always has one to put on. 

Condoms protect you from getting pregnant but aside from the obvious use of condoms they also protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and as an escort, you can never be sure if you're client has or has had an STD. 

You can have a quick screen of your clients body and check to see there are no obvious signs of STD's or bad hygiene in general and if your client refuses to wear a condom it's best to cancel these type of bookings. The last thing you want is an STD or to get pregnant by a client. 


It's very likely the services you provide are clearly stated on your profile just like all of our ladies that you can find in our cheap London escort gallery, and that your client has read this and possibly even decided if he wants to book you based on this and it's important you as an escort keep in mind the services you provide and do your best to provide a great experience for that service. 

That being said however just because a service is being paid for, doesn't mean your clients own you. Some clients may ignore what services you do and don't do and may request you to perform or partake in a fantasy that wasn't previously discussed or agreed. 

If this happens to inform your client that anything he wanted to do should have been stated during the booking process and that you only participate in what you feel comfortable in doing. Of course, you are selling a service, so if you are willing, they will do your best, but if it's an act you are being asked to do and it's a service you haven't stated as something you provide, then this is best avoided altogether. 


When with your client also, as a small reminder you shouldn't carry anything you don't want to lose or anything extra. Carry with you the bare essentials that you need. A phone, your identification is safely hidden out of sight and some petty cash for emergencies. 

Good luck!