11 April 2018

Bubbles Escorts are delighted to announce that we are now partners with Bunny Token. We as an agency have taken this major step as we believe that Bunny Token share the same aim to revolutionise the adult industry as we do. Since announcing that Bubbles Escorts would be the first London escort agency to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for our models such as the twin sisters, we have received a lot of media attention from huge media outlets such as The Sun newspaper and we believe this new partnership is the next logical step in moving forward with accepting cryptocurrency payment methods for our escorts.

Since opening our agency in 1999, we have seen a number of ideas come and go without making much of an impression. After researching into Bunny Token, listening to their project and hearing from their team, we feel that the time is right to continue expanding with a like-minded business and bring the future to our clients now. So, what is Bunny Token and why is this cryptocurrency going to be the next big thing?

What is Bunny Token?

Bunny Token is going to revolutionise the adult industry with its creation of a blockchain powered payment system. The token can be used with a wide range of businesses across the adult industry from paying for time with our cheap escorts to watching premium porn and acts as a safe and reliable payment method. The token is designed to solve major problems that have risen, as the ecosystem wants to replace conventional payment methods and make all financial transactions possible for businesses related to the multi-billion pound adult industry.

Bunny Token will become a mainstream payment method which benefits the way people purchase adult-related content whilst businesses and independents also benefit from the way they are paid from the sale of their content. The token really does offer freedom across the adult industry which is currently restricted by traditional payment methods.

How Can Bunny Token Benefit You

In the adult industry, there are common problems which every consumer will come across. One of the biggest fears for punters is the possibility of having their personal details leaked and bills for payments being seen by someone else. There is no anonymity with the traditional payment methods amongst other issues that arise with the current payment methods. So, what does Bunny Token bring to the table which is different to what is already out there?

Feel Secure

Blockchain technology is a platform built with security in mind. With Bunny Token being built using blockchain, even the keenest hackers will find themselves locked out as the system stores all the data of transactions across a vast amount of networks that keep verifying information. The system is used in the banking sector and is impenetrable by all means. This will help keep your mind at rest as your information will never be stolen or leaked. The feeling of guaranteed anonymity is amazing especially for anyone who is not comfortable accepting a billing statement which states you have used adult products or services.

No Third Parties

One of the best things about digital currencies is the fact that they are free from a third party. If you partake in a transaction which involves blockchain you do not have to conform to the conventional rules and no government overlooks them. This means that the owner of Bunny Tokens is in full control of their money, now isn't that a nice thought. You have even more money to enjoy a longer booking with one of our escorts.

Buy Bunny Tokens

As an 19 year old established company, we would not recommend to our clients something if we didn't believe in it ourselves. We are excited about the future of our partnership and urge you to check out their website for more information. If you are interested in purchasing Bunny Tokens for yourself then follow this link https://bunnytoken.com?r_id=852335581. Be ahead of the game and don't be ledt behind once Bunny Token becomes the latest way to purchase adult content in the future.