Bewitching Companions

Escorts have always been noted for their bewitching and well-cared-for appearance. This natural desire of every female to look exquisite, beautiful and kempt. When males see such a woman in the street, they unconsciously gaze after her. This girl is seen from the distance, she stands out of the crowd and everybody wants to imitate her. Can any female look like an escort and listen to enthusiastic comments - 'she is so stylish, well-groomed and there is some luster in her ?' Escorts are pleased to some secrets.

Looking at kempt women we understand that it is not easy to do without extra financial expenses and time. But is it really difficult or expensive to look well-cared-for? Calm down! Don't worry and consider the following points.

Natural Beauty. Escorts who take care of themselves use less make-up: mascara, eyeliner and light lip gloss is enough during the day, emphasized glow and smoky eyes in the evening.

Skin. The skin looks healthy. It shines from inside. Some escorts apply a bit of sun-tanned cream.

Hair. Silky and brilliant hair, a simple hairdo with a minimum of hair spray is a perfect daily style.

Manicure. It should be natural. If you have false nails - French manicure is the best choice. A complex, fancy nail design, bright acid colours are bad manners for bewitching escorts.

Jewellery. Stylish escorts prefer only silver and gold. Refined and exquisite jewellery should be part of any woman's attire. But a female should not try to turn herself into a New Year's tree and should not knock off the heels in order to buy cheap accessories.

Clothes. The clothes items should be matched correctly. They should not be fashionable, the sense of style is enough. Everything should be tight-knit.

So this is an example of a stylish and charming escort. There are certain rules that escorts use in order to reach this ideal image.

First of all, escorts try to look natural. They do not wear tawdry clothes, jewellery or make-up. Everything should correspond to the occasion and place.

Escorts do not try to catch up with fashion and actually it is impossible to do it and you will always be late. It is better to choose the clothes that will make people gaze after you. Stylish and exquisite clothes are the best choice.

Escorts do not forget to take care of their figure. They are engaged in different kinds of sport. It is not just the way to improve the forms that suffer but also to relax and communicate with people. If your body has some problem zones, do not get into despair but find the way out. For example you may hide them with the help of well chosen clothes. And escorts never forget about the gait - it should be easy and smooth.

It is good to attend beauty salons from time to time. Experts know exactly what areas of your body need attendance. And using a magic wand they will turn your problems into your advantages.

The list can be continued. These are the main rules which will help any woman become bewitching. Escorts warn that if you want to achieve positive results a girl should be prepared for hard work - beauty does not come itself. Using the escorts rules of beauty and charm you will win a male attention and shine like the sun for people around you.