Could Sex Dolls Replace Escorts? 

15 November 2022

As sex tech continues to evolve, it is threatening to take over the escort world and disrupt the human sexual experience until it is beyond recognition. The humble sex doll has undergone drastic improvements since its first appearance centuries ago, but now sex robots walk, talk and perform in the bedroom just like a human.  

Does this mean we should be worried about how far sex robots can go? It might be too late to stop their momentum as they are already replacing escorts in some cities and could be replacing you soon.

At Bubbles Escorts, we've taken a look into how real is the possibility that sex dolls will soon be seen as the best alternative to booking escorts. So lets begin by looking into who actually use sex dolls.



Who actually uses sex dolls?

Different types of sex dolls - AI or inflatable - serve all sorts of purposes that might surprise you. People need companionship no matter what, but this can be more difficult for some people than others. 

  • Disabled people may want a non-judgmental partner with whom they can experiment without worrying about what their partner is thinking 
  • Couples introduce sex dolls into their relationships as a less daunting way of inviting a third member into the bedroom 
  • Lonely people who don’t want any strings attached or the heartache of rejection in the real world 

Sex dolls provide a pathway for people with vulnerabilities or insecurities to safely explore their options. At least with an inanimate partner, they can’t break your heart and they certainly won’t judge your tastes. 


When were the first sex dolls invented? 

To understand where we’re going, we should know where we started. The inventors of the very first sex doll probably didn’t predict how their idea would grow into a multi-billion dollar industry, but here we are.
Here are some of the key moments in the sex doll evolution: 

  1. 17th century Dutch sailors sewed leather puppets and sold them to a Japanese crew. On the long journey back to Japan, the sailors became lonely and turned the Dutchmen’s side hustle into the very first sex dolls. 
  2. In the 1930s, abstract artist Hans Bellmer created what we would recognise as the modern sex doll only without the orifices.  
  3. In 1968, it became legal to sell adult products through the post, so sex dolls were advertised in magazines for the first time. 

What underlies all of the above is their inanimate nature. As exciting as each iteration of the humble doll might have been, there was no reciprocity between the inflatable figure and its user. 

AI sex robots are working right now

Fast-forward to the present day and sex dolls are no longer dolls, but robots. The introduction of AI has made reciprocal interactions between robot and user the new standard by which all sex dolls will be judged. 
There are tonnes of features that blur the lines between human and AI: 

  1. Conversation - AI sex robots are capable of responding to verbal cues and even engage in pillow talk
  2. Touch-sensitive - Sensors on relevant parts of the body prompt the robots to emit sounds and reciprocate physical touch with the user 
  3. Temperature regulation - Robots can heat up to normal body temperature, which used to separate the old doll models from humans… but not anymore 
  4. Facial recognition - AI can recognise its user and greet them as a human partner normally would 

This isn’t the future - this is available to purchase on next-day delivery right now. It may be that the charm and taboo of an inflatable doll has been sacrificed in order to inch closer to enhanced hyper realism. 
The AI sex robot has already replaced escorts in a Barcelona, but we do not think robots will take over. Despite a sex robot brothel has opened up the fascinating but disturbing possibility of AI rendering escorts redundant. A case study highlight by the  is one that we could see repeated more and more: 
•    Four different AI sex robots make up the workforce and get deep cleaned in between client visits 
•    The robots have different designs and personalities such as the blue-haired Aki whose design was inspired by anime 
•    Candle-lit rooms with adult material are rented out for up to $100 per hour
Some may find this unsavory whilst others may marvel at the convenience of the service. Ultimately, it’s happening and it’s going to become more common. The AI sex robot keeps on improving, so where does this lead us? 


How sex robots could take over 

There is still one thing that holds the line between robots and humans: empathy. Robots cannot be truly empathetic no matter how advanced they become. It will only ever be a simulation of connection between two humans, but is this a problem for escorts? 

Escort services still only simulate real connection, which could land them in danger of being replaced by an AI doll who serves the same purpose. 


How will the future be shaped by AI sex robots? 

  1. They will inevitably become more physically realistic with their appearance and motor function.
  2. Sex robots are going to become increasingly more common in society as well as the escort industry 
  3. The simulation of connection, whilst it won’t ever be real, is going to inch closer to being indistinguishable

Robots are in many ways the perfect escorts as the principle at play doesn’t change. It is still only a simulation of connection after all. The migration towards AI sex and relationships has begun… the only question is how far can it go? 


Taking a Step Back

In 2022, we are not at the point where sex robots are capable of fulling the experience a London escort provides. Sex toys are extremely expensive, hard to maintain and to put it simply are not real. Escorts offer a unique dating encounter which are great for your mental health. It is hard to compare the two when they are both so different.

The only way I see sex dolls replacing sex workers is if the government completely ban escorts and shut down all escort agencies which I do not see happening.