4 Most Affordable Escort Areas In London

29 May 2023

London is one of those cities that only seems to grow bigger with each visit. The largest city in the United Kingdom is certainly dazzling but for anybody who isn’t familiar with this labyrinth, it can be quite tricky to find yourself an affordable escort area in London for the right companionship at the right price.

A price tag for something as simple as your coffee can change from £1 all the way up to a staggering £50! In such a city, finding the right kind of romantic company can cost you a lot more if you don’t know where to look.

Verified Escort Services That Don’t Hurt Your Budget

Your cherished romantic company from that one night in London can leave you with a lot worse than fond memories if you’re not careful. While there are several ‘red-light’ areas in London that cater to the lonesome heart, chances are that hygiene isn’t on their list of things to prioritise.

This is why it’s always best to use a trusted escort agency like Bubbles, since we're able to vouch for each every one of the cheap models on our gallery. Each of our companions provide you with the safest pleasure options for your indulgence. The only snafu is that these areas in London are not well-known. So, here is a list of affordable escort areas in London, where you can find the love you’ve been looking for:

SOHO and West End

As one of the oldest areas in London, SOHO has historically been home to all things artsy and passionate. This location was one of the first red-light areas that rose to fame in the UK and it has undergone a tremendous upgrade as hiring an escort has become legal.

While the upscale areas in London can rise up to over £500/ hour, SOHO and West End remain one of the most popular and cheapest escort areas in London for finding the right kind of romance for a healthy price.

On average, agencies with cheap escorts in London (SOHO and West End) begin their rates around £120/hour. You can enjoy a wide selection of affordable cheap escorts in London at a price range of £100-£150.

While there are always street prices at unbelievably low rates, it is always advisable to choose a trusted agency in the area where your price upgrade will certainly prove to be worth it.

City of London

The ‘Square Mile’ area in the main city of London has only grown more commercial over the years. This financial sector is home to commerce brands and banks that have been around for decades. This healthy blend of working finance employees and financially sound companies has ensured cheap escort prices for the area.

You can book an affordable escort in London in this location starting at a healthy price of around £100. You will find a handful of escort agencies that cater to a wide range of desires in this price range.

If you’re closer to the main city of London and want to avoid the exorbitant prices, this area could just about be able to cater to your every need.


A little north of central London is a town famous for its local market featuring a little bit of everything. This district truly does feature all things magnifique, catering to passions not limited to food tastes. Over the years, this location has turned into one of the sought-after areas for affordable escort rates in London.

Being situated closer to the main city has its perks in terms of the flavours as well as the range. You can be sure to find what it is that you’ve been looking for in the streets of Camden, and the trusted way to do it is by avoiding the streets altogether.

At Bubbles Escorts, our cheap escorts in Camden are perfect for anyone on a budget.

East London

For most people, the east side of London is as busy as it gets. Areas like Stratford almost always have a thousand people that need to be at a thousand places. In the hustle and bustle of such a fast-paced city, you would think that one is seldom left with any time to book an affordable escort in London.

The best way to get a cheap escort in London East with all your desires catered to is to find a trusted agency in the area that can offer incalls as well as outcalls depending on your preference.

The price range for the Stratford area is versatile starting from £100 and it can go as high as you desire. Most customers with a budget find their ideal partner in the £100-180 price range. We believe we offer the best value for money services and for £130 an hour, you won;t be left disappointed.


With the right information, you can easily make the most out of your budget no matter where you are in London. If you find yourself to be outside of these golden zones, escort agencies offer a range of outcall services for a price range of £150-200 for your convenience.

One of the prime benefits of using a trusted escort agency in London is the guarantee of your health. Many customers prefer to spend a little bit extra and give themselves a safe, VIP experience by availing the advantages of quality affordable escorts in London.