WS Escorts London

Watersports have caught the imagination of the press for decades. However, beyond the headline-grabbing stories, WS is still considered a taboo fetish despite many people having a preference for giving and receiving golden showers. Our gorgeous watersports escorts in London can finally meet your unfulfilled desires, so browse our gallery below to find the perfect girl for your needs!

Why do people have a WS fetish?

In 2016 Channel 4 surveyed the UKs top sexual fetishes, with watersports coming in at number 9, showing a lot of you out there are into this fetish!

The reasons people have this fetish are varied and personal. Some of the more common causes tend to stem from childhood (when else?) having a sexual experience that involved urine in some way, which created a positive association with it. They also may have had a fantasy involving urine which has become a source of arousal.

Alternatively, the taboo nature of the watersports fetish is a major turn-on, as it offers an opportunity to explore something outside of the mainstream in the bedroom. Engaging with such a taboo topic can be something that gets people off. 

For others, a watersports fetish can also be a form of humiliation play. Some people find the idea of urine being used as a form of humiliation exciting and can be a way to explore power dynamics in a sexual relationship.

Either way, many people have this fetish, and some visit escorts to play out their wildest fantasies. If you want to engage in your longtime fantasy, our escorts are professionals who can't wait to help you finally enjoy the sweet relief watersports bring.

Advice for Golden Showers

Approaching this fetish as a first-timer can be nerve-racking, and you may not understand the etiquette for this service. Bubbles have put together a guide of dos and don'ts to ensure you reach fulfilment in the most pleasurable way!


  • Drink Lots of Water
    • Staying hydrated is the best way to enjoy watersports, but drinking coffee can worsen your wee smell and stop you from enjoying your experience. Water is the way to go to enjoy that good flow!
  • Prepare
    • Preparing for a service such as watersports is essential to doing it safely. Knowing where not to pee, such as directly in the vagina, is crucial before you begin. Also, finding a place to do it is essential, with hardwood floors usually being the recommended option as it is easy to clean.
  • Be mindful of what you eat
    • What you can eat can also impact your golden shower in terms of smell and aesthetics. For example, you don't want the shock of your pee being red as you give a golden shower from something you ate, such as beetroot!
  • Communicate
    • Communicating boundaries with a watersport escort is a must to find out what you are both uncomfortable with so you do not transgress each other's limits and have a pleasurable experience.



  • Swallow
    • As much as peeing in someone's mouth may be a fantasy, it is usually not enjoyable, resulting in having to go to the bathroom to be sick.
  • Wee inside a girl's vagina
    • This can be extremely dangerous, causing yeast infections.


Do WS escorts charge extra for this service?

As this is an exclusive and in-demand service, our escorts usually charge extra for this level of pleasure, but oh boy, is it worth it! 

How to book a WS Escort

Booking is easy at Bubbles. All you need to do is find an escort that provides this service, select them on the booking form, and you are on your way to exploring your deepest fetish.

On the other hand, if you want to discuss this service with one of the discreet team members, do not hesitate to call us at 07921888888.