Rim Escorts

Are you looking to indulge in your rimming sexual fantasy? Looking to meet a naughty rim escort in London who wants you to enjoy every second of a rim job? Here at Bubbles Escorts, our rimming gallery is filled with ladies who give and receive rim services. If you see a lady who you would like to book, please check out our profiles for more information on each girl. If you find any lady who you would like to meet, call our agency and we will introduce you to the lady who offers rimming services.

What is Rimming? What is a Rim Job?

Rim, tossing a salad, a rim job are all terms given to rimming. Rimming in Latin translates to anilingus, which is the act to lick (sexual stimulation of the anus by the tongue or mouth.) In more recent times, especially in the porn industry, rimming has becoming as common as a BJ with male entertainers enjoying sexy females providing rim jobs as they simultaneously lick the anus and give a HJ. Due to the increased participation of rimming in porn, more gentlemen want to experience a rim job. Not everybody partners, GFs etc want to lick your bum hole, so how can you experience a rim job? Here is where rim escorts come from.

Rimming Escorts

Rimming escorts are kinky, adventurous ladies who get pleasure from seeing clients squirm when they enjoy the erotic pleasure of a naughty rim job service. These ladies are some of the best London escorts and are available to give and receiving rimming services to clients now.


Our London rim escorts are naughty ladies who are true professionals ensuring rim jobs are safe and fun. They keep the service discreet and bring to your booking all of the necessary oils in order to enhance the service. These ladies all have long sexy tongues and have no fear when it comes to kissing and sucking a clients anus.

Please make sure though, if you do want to enjoy a rim job, you have a shower, make sure you are clean and consider shaving.


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