Foot Fetish Escorts

Do you get sexual aroused when a lady is bare footed around you?

Do you look at ladies in sandles, high heels or socks and get turned on?

Is your little secret that you love sucking, licking, sniffing and playing with toes and the sole of a sexy lady's foot?

Yes, well you are not alone. There are thousands of men in London with a foot fetish who feel like they are not understood or alone in their love of feet. So, here at Bubbles Escorts, we have created this official gallery page filled with escorts who either have a foot fetish or are dominatrices who will make you worship their feet like a good slave. These ladies will have you fulfilling your wildest foot fetish fantasies whether that be sucking on a 3 inch high heel whilst you are humiliated or reaching an orgasm whilst sucking toes and receiving a FJ (foot job).

What is a Foot Fetish?

Foot Fetish escort services are usually associated with BDSM agencies, but that is not the case. This misconception can however lead to punters not knowing what a gallery filled with escorts who love feet entails. For you gentlemen who have been browsing our website and stumbled across our foot fetish escorts gallery, a foot fetish is simply a sex attraction to feet which often includes shoes. People with a foot fetish will often enjoy; kissing and sucking toes, watching videos of bare feet, rub and sniff someones sweaty feet and even pleasure their genitals against the feet.

How Can You Meet An Escort With A Foot Fetish

It seems in recent months, there has been more and more people asking which escorts enjoy foot play, which is why this gallery page has been created. Personally, I think there has always been plenty of gentlemen in London with a foot fetish but people have also been too scared or shy to openly admit to their fantasies. Since lockdown, people are more open to getting out and making the most out of life, so for all your gentlemen who want to know how to book an escort with a foot fetish, here is how:

  1. Browse through our gallery of foot fetish escorts. Soon, we will be adding photos of the ladies feet to add to the page.
  2. Once you have found an escort who's feet you would love to play with, call our agency or send a SMS over WhatsApp. The links can be found at the top of the page
  3. If you have any special requests like; the escort wears a certain colour of nail vanish, have painted or unpainted toes or wear a certain style of shoe/sock, be sure to make our agency know before the meet up, so we can ask the escort to prepare accordingly.