Top Five Reasons To Book A Couples Escort

Booking a couples escort is something a lot of people talk about, but only the brave few choose to take that leap into never-ending bliss. For both, you and your partner booking a couples escort can be one of the most exciting points of your relationship breathing new life both in and outside the bedroom.

Still not convinced? Well, we’ve provided five excellent reasons why you should take that leap and book a couples escort today…


It’s exciting 

The discussion leading up to booking an escort can be just as arousing as the booking itself, talk through with your partner exactly what you want to do when the three of you are in a room together, and you’ll find your pulse racing. Make the lead-up to the booking extra-special by buying new lingerie, booking a hotel room and deciding exactly what you want to do while you’re there. Excitement is a part of relationships we often lose as we get older, keep it alive in your relationship by booking a couples escort in London.


You both get to decide

Leading off from the discussion, when you and your partner choose to book a couples escort you both get to do it together. The two of you can spend some time looking around the Bubbles Escort gallery and deciding which girl you both find attractive; we have stunning young brunettes and sophisticated older blondes each able to provide you with a fantastic experience unlike anything else the two of you have ever had before.


She knows what you both want 

All of our couples escorts are 100% genuinely bisexual beauties and know precisely how to make both of your pulses race. Once the three of you are alone in the room, she can take control of the situation and lead the two of you through this wondrous journey as you begin to explore each other in ways you’ve never thought of before. She’ll know exactly what to do to ensure you’re both at the very edge of absolute ecstasy in the experience that you’ll never forget.


You both get to share a secret 

Together the two of you can share a secret that you won’t want to share with anyone else bonding you as a couple in a way very few people get to share. Sharing a naughty secret with your partner allows you to become more open with each other and you can use what you’ve learned from your booking with a Couples Escort to make your nights together even more exciting.


Of course, these are only four of the reasons why booking a couples escort is such a fantastic thing to do for your relationship, there are plenty more reasons why you should, but you won’t understand how amazing it can be until you try it.

To book your next amazing date with one of our fantastic escorts all you have to do is give our receptionist team a call and we’ll do all the work for you.