Role Play

It’s not uncommon for people to often seek out new and exciting ways that they can spice things up in the bedroom. It’s always important as an escort, that you consult with your client what you’re both comfortable with trying out, and what you’re both open to exploring. Today we’re going to talk about on one thing, in particular, that is excellent, tried and tested way to bring out, or even reignite, a spark between a client and yourself. Roleplaying!

Everyone has their own personal fetishes and fantasies, and to put yourself a bit ahead of the competition, and to help yourself stand out with the services you provide, roleplaying is a great way to start. Giving your client the opportunity to open up to you, let you know what he dreams about, and allowing you to fulfil these for him. It also lets you bring out your playful side, and builds up trust and warmth between you and your client. He’ll have a hard time to resist booking you next time he needs some companionship. 

So to get started, here are a few ideas to pull out your adventurous side a little more:


Give your client a very happy ending to his evening! Now if role-playing is new to you, or your client, a good one to start with is playing the role of a masseuse. This can help initially break the ice and relax your client a little more and completely leave himself in your very capable hands. Slip into some heels and a satin slip to tease him a little, and begin gently easing away any tension in his back and shoulders. You can also bring in some more authenticity into this role by dimming the lights, using essential aromatherapy oils and lighting a few candles to set an intimate tone to the mood. As a naughty masseuse, you can let your hands wander for the both of you to get a little closer. Our next role-play idea is a perfect way to follow up from this massage.


Adding to the intensity, unless your client has already given into desire during a massage, giving your client a lap dance is a fun way to excite your client. Perform a close, intimate dance for him, and make it feel as though he is celebrating something, and that this dance is just for him. Dancing doesn’t have to be your forte at all, sway your hips a little and add some stilettos so his attention is on your legs. Take your time starting to remove your clothing as you both enjoy the music.

Yoga Instructor/Personal Trainer

Perfect excuse for your client to get close and pay full attention to your body, and for you to show off your stunning physique. Similar to a standard teacher/student role, this gives one of you a responsible role of teaching the other how to keep fit and take good care of their body. This yoga instructor, however, has a very keen interest in their student's body and is especially attentive. Give your client the role of the teacher so that he calls the shots, and impress your teacher by showing off all the daring and eye-catching positions, and let him show you a move or two.

Delivery Man

You could explore this role in different ways, whether it’s a postman or a pizza delivery, whatever yours or your client’s personal preference is. You’ve ‘forgotten’ that you don’t have any money to pay your deliveryman, but thankfully your delivery man is understanding and is willing to explore other methods of payment. Take your time building up this role to slowly build up the tension until either of you gives into each other. 


Lastly, one of the most popular role-play ideas that is definitely worth exploring, especially if you and your client both have quite a good rapport. This requires one of you to be completely submissive, and the other as the dominant. Schoolgirl costumes are very easily accessible both online and in various fancy dress stores, in all types of sizes and styles. Give your client a treat by adding some realism with a costume and some props. You can explore different scenarios with this role, whether it’s your teacher giving you a fitting punishment for bad behaviour in class, or you’re just a keen student wanting to earn some extra credit from the teacher you lust over, this role is very hands-on as well as thrilling.

So there are some ideas to keep things more exciting, and to allow you and your client to try new and exhilarating experiences together. Have fun and thanks for reading!