Modern Geishas

Would you like to be a goddess of love and enjoy life, love yourself and give love to other people? Some ideas of geisha escorts will be very helpful and they will definitely make you queens for our partners.

Who is a geisha escort? This is an ideal woman, the embodiment of witty intelligence, beauty, mysterious sexuality and refined femininity. The word geisha means a female of art.

Not every man could afford to have a geisha, because it was not enough just to pay. A gentleman had to have a noble origin, good manners and a high position in society. Geishas of today are escorts who possess perfect knowledge and magic skills which are needed to show the art of being a woman. Geisha escorts are more available than their predecessor. There are numerous agencies that provide escort services. These services cater for different clients. Of course the origin and background are not so important nowadays but a high position in society, good manners and generosity are really welcomed.

A little prehistory of true geishas are necessary to understand their art and reveal some secrets of their skills of seduction which will help any female bring a lot of pleasure and inexperienced emotions to men.

The country which gave birth to geishas is Japan. Traditions and culture of Japanese people greatly influenced the process of formation of male female relationships and the appearance of geishas. When girls reached the age of ten years old they were given to learn art. Their studies continued for five years. Little geishas were taught to dance, sing, play musical instruments and draw. The lessons went on for about twelve hours, geishas had a weekend only once in a fortnight. Not every girl could withstand such a busy schedule.

The profession of geishas is a very hard one, and it is highly valued and respected in Japan. Geisha's work can usually be seen in tea houses and traditional Japanese restaurants where a geisha is a hostess of the party, distracting male guests.

Geisha escorts know and use some true geishas' secrets. For example, geisha should turn the conversation to a necessary topic and contribute to a joyful time spending of their guests. Geisha escort often flirt with men but preserve her cool judgment and dignity.

It is interesting to know that Japanese girls could not get married if they were not learned to be geishas. This fact proves that Japanese women enjoy a great respect from men and are the ones who bring pleasure and love to them. The most talented Japanese geishas demonstrate their skills of playing musical instrument, singing and dancing. Such performances let geishas become famous and popular.

The most important thing about geishas is that it is not only a profession but philosophy and the way of life. So what are these secrets that can help a woman cognize the art of geishas? There are five most significant points to be considered. These ideas are widely used by contemporary geishas - escorts which proves their efficiency and importance.

The first point of geisha's art is the art of a kiss. Geishas claim that fantasy and the ability to feel a partner is crucial. A true geisha knows what kind of kiss brings pleasure to her man; their intuition helps them to find it out.

Close intimate relationships where a man and a woman become one whole are the next important thing that geishas say to be important.

The ability to enjoy the time spent with a partner is the top of geisha's art. Geishas always show their men that it is a great pleasure for them together.

And the last two points are connected with intimate games. Geishas always experiment in order to make this intimacy unforgettable and unique. They invent their own rules of their erotic games which make their partners feel unearthly pleasure. One of the things that deals with men's delights is an erotic massage where a female imagination and the desire to surprise her partner are the main tricks.

As a matter of fact, the basis of geisha's art is a female wisdom however simple it may seem. Any woman can learn to be a geisha, and modern escorts are a perfect proof and example. If you are able to become an ideal intimate partner for your beloved person - a goddess of love, he will adore you for all his life.