Men's Top Secrets

7% search a girlfriend in Internet

44% fall in love at first sight.

52% still remember ex girlfriend, 1 from 8 even keeps her underwear.

71% believe that will never forgive faithlessness.

73% think that there is no necessity to celebrate St. Valentine's day.

38% can share their problems, sorrows and joys only with one person.

730 hours per year men think about sex, but only 22 hours they make it

42% slept with two escorts in one day.

31% of men, staying in traffic, try to flirt with charming, lovely companions in neighbouring cars.

9% hire gorgeous, luxurious escorts, using escort agencies.

73% of men regularly use cosmetics, 17% - use cream against wrinkles.

82,4% buy too small or too huge condoms.

60% want to spend one night with charming, attractive, young and busty, bisexual escort.

42,5% weight themselves once a week.

24% of males are ready to make plastic operations.

61% shave intimate part of the body

53% care about their nutrition (eat healthy food: vegetables, corns, salads and vitamins).

3 from 4 of men prefer to spend romantic evening with nice meal at home, than outside.

46% prefer blondes, 24% brunettes.

58% believe that the main thing in life is their family.

23 spend from 20 minutes till one hour in bathroom, caring about their looks.

65% solve problems themselves.

33% lie in bed, emulate orgasms.

39% think that their penis is too small.

70% dream about sex with two escorts in public place.

73% assert that they are ready to spend free time at home with a child, but only 5% really do it.

89% characterise themselves like bad dancers (in compare with 7% of women). If a man has six free hours, three hours he watch TV, two hours he spend with his friends, family and one hour in gym.

95% insist that silicone lips look most likely terrible, than sexy.