Escorts Skills

It is not necessary at all to be tet-a-tet with the object of your heart passions in order to attract his attention - claim skillful escorts. The art of flirting can be used wherever you want and when you want.

Skilled escorts of London admit that it is possible to attract male attention without words; it is enough to be good at a body language - gestures and a certain style of behavior. There are only two conditions of it. The first one is that the man should be accessible and the second - you should be ready to meet with him psychologically.

Skillful escorts represent their ways of how to get prepared for a flirting game psychologically. They suggest remembering the time when you felt especially good and you could hardly hold your breath from pleasure and emotions. Then you should come into this state and when you do it start acting. It is a great feeling and even a shy girl can overcome her modesty and become a confident female flirt who is able to win any man's attention.

No doubt there is a great drive of emotions when you can allure a man without bodily touches. Hair is one the most bright sexual symbols. So skillful escorts advise to sit opposite the chosen victim. Shake your hair gracefully and slide your hand over them. Escorts of London reveal you the most efficient method to hypnotize men with the help of your hair - wind a lock of your hair on your finger and let it down. Do it for some period of time.

Another fetish for a man is female wrists. London escorts demonstrate its beauty and fineness setting the sleeves of their blouse or just tenderly running their fingers on them.

Lips are another perfidious instrument that escorts use in a seduction game with men. They choose the best form their lips can take and practice making it in front of the mirror. Female lips can drive a man crazy for you and fall for you at once.

Eyes and a smile. A broad and open smile in combination with sparkling eyes is a wonderful weapon for men. These two features of your appearance will tell a man about your good mood and a cheerful personality and dispose youself to him in the most favourable manner. And do not forget to give the glad eye.

Legs. Female legs are very important because they take the stroke of male eyes the first. Your gait should be free and easy, slightly touching the ground. When you sit cross your legs gracefully and make it closer to the upper part of the hips - such a pose makes your legs look longer and more beautiful.

Earlier it was mentioned that it is possible o deduce a man without touching him. But it does not mean that you should not touch yourself. If London escorts touch their body, men understand it as if they want them to do it. So glide you hander over the shoulders or hips, buttocks or breasts.

All the above mentioned skills of London escorts are not difficult to learn and they are considered to be traditional ones. And any female who will be able to use them skillfully will make any men fall for her once and forever.