Escorts' Catnip For Guys

What is the escorts' catnip for men that attracts them without doubt? Do you have a lot of variants to answer this question? Actually, it is all the female qualities. They work together but there are leading ones due to which a man is ready to leave unnoticed all your drawbacks.

The first group of such female qualities is the ability of a woman to comfort men and sympathize with them. British psychologists have found out that compassion and sympathy are characteristic more of women than men. It goes from the ancient times when females had to care for their children to survive. In our contemporary world men are thought to be more fond of women who are amenable and sympathetic and show these qualities openly.

The next trait is self-sacrifice. British psychologists have proved that women when they have a romantic mood prone to take part in voluntary work and be engaged in charity. But there is one sly moment, catnip - women tend to express such a trait in public unconsciously supposing that men can consider their behavior attractive.

Confidence is very deserving catnip according to escorts. Even if female appearance is far from ideal her positive opinion of herself makes her attractive to most men.

Men like it very much when a woman takes interest in them and demonstrates it publicly. However it is necessary to be careful with this demonstration which can create a bad reputation for you. Some females prefer a secret sympathy with the help of aggression instead of flirting and coquette. Such girls like playing a fool with men and speak in a rude and humiliating tone to them. It is very likely that such women will never be a success with males. Men like tender escorts who have a shine in their eyes. Also guys should be sure that they have a chance to be accepted by a woman, only in this case they will make the first step to relationships.

Undoubtedly all the above mentioned characteristics of women are of the utmost importance. But a real escort will never leave her appearance aside because females are born to beautify male lives and bring lots of charm. And how is it possible to do without taking care of appearance? One of the most important parts of a women's body the most dangerous trap for men is of course, face. According to the survey held in the UK 80 per cent of men who value happy long-lasting relationships claim that a female face is more important for them than their other body. This fact can explain why women spend so much time in front of the mirror.

Hair. Female hairdo should look natural and attract not only male eyes but also make men want to touch it. Besides it is very good if hair have slight fragrance.

Jewellery. It is considered to be a tone mauvais if a girl wears too many bracelets. Also fashion designers advise not to put on more than four rings on both hands. As for the earrings, they can be big, round and long but suitable for the clothes a girl wears and of the same material as the other jewellery.

Hands and fingers. Female hands can easily attract male attention and take it away too. The diversity of the nail industry presents numerous variants of how to make your nails extraordinary. But British stylists advise not to take a great fancy in them. For example, men are very keen on long nails. They can be good for musical clips and for the situations when you are not supposed to have an intimacy with a man.

And the last thing to think over is that men as all the women like being loved and trusted. When conflicts happen escorts try to solve them with a smile on their face. If escorts want their men to possess certain qualities of character they never miss a chance to praise them for the one when it is in action. Easy-going and pliable females have always been a success with men.