Escorts And Fashion

It is a well-known fact that fashion tendencies influence our choice of clothes. So why and how does it happen?

Cameras' flashes, fashion shows going one after another, loads of fashion magazines - female fashion has become a cult having broken away from the borders of a simple craft and art. Now it is a symbol of generation and boutiques of famous designers are sacred places for numerous fashionable escorts of different age. Female fashion is a leader in comparison with male and takes a basic place in fashion show and on the covers of glamour magazines. It is very simple to explain why it is so. Females are the fair sex and since the ancient times women have been inventing various jewelleries starting with temporal rings which was used to recognize a tribe the woman belongs to and ending with super fashionable bracelet-watches. The years passed by and a female fashion followed them like a shadow.

The basic canons of the style have always existed. According to one of these canons escorts should wear those clothes that suit their appearance and the inside world. Although it is possible to observe disharmony in the streets. Some females look as if she is dressed in armour and her spiritual basis fights with this image. Consequently, female fashion should not hinge on this race for novelties but go well with them and produce an impression of the unity of an escort and her clothes.

Fashion is not just an art. It can stand in one row with painting, sculpture and music. Though fashion takes over its competitors in the speed of its development. Perhaps it is because of the globalization. Fashion houses put the advertisements on every corner - an English designer advertises his autumn-winter collection which majors in grey and warm colours, the other poster spreads new fashion tendencies of an Italian designer. And he has the right to do it and to become famous due to it. There are no debutants in fashion, even connoisseurs are looking for new ideas and invent new trends because it is impossible to stop fashion. It is flying and makes female heads go round and it seems that it also helps our planet to spin too. Fashion is versatile and it can be proved with the shows of different designers. One show offers bright colours that make your eyes full of tears blazing make-up, the other - restrained ones and elegance.

Everybody has already forgotten about the combinations. Contemporary fashion does not take it into consideration. Escorts wear everything with everything. Young designers do not sit and do nothing their influence is felt in clothes which are in every modern escort's wardrobe.

Anybody can join a fashion art. Anybody can be fashionable and be aware of the latest novelties - it is much easier than to paint or make a sculpture. Fashion is an art for people and at the same time for individuals where everybody offers in their mite. Fashion is an art of the present. It is fleeting and swift like a flow and nobody has the powers to stop it moreover nobody even tries to do it. Sometimes this flow returns taking the tendencies of the past with it. Fashion is chaotic and you never know where it will take you in the future.

Fashion is an escort, a wonderful female having something from an ancient goddess and something from a contemporary megalopolis in her appearance. Every woman has her own idea of the fashion but any escort longs for the ideal and she wants to be as close to it as possible.