Escort Hints

There are no unattractive women and everybody knows about it. Though, it happens so that men do not pay attention even to beautiful females. Why is it so? British psychologists have carried out a poll and found out what men consider seductive in London escorts.

It is not a secret that men's eyes are the most important female judge. And in order to delight male attractiveness indicator London escorts take into account everything that is connected with their appearance: clothes, shoes, make-up, hair, fragrance, jewellery and read to the end to find it out - it is a bit of a present.

Clothes. The most effective clothes are those that tease. These clothes do not open but just hint at the most seductive parts and do not change any figure lines. Soft, streamy textiles, loose siluette, marked waistline, naked shoulders. The ability to highlight the advantages of one's figure is an art and London escorts are really professionals in this stuff.

Warning. Men do not like youth baggy trousers on hips, formless dresses and blouses, strict official suits, colourless clothes. Too revealing clothes - low-low collet and super miniskirts bewilder and perplex men.

Shoes. Shoes should make a leg beautiful but not to make it look ugly. The first place of male preference of female shoes goes to sandals on high heels and sabots. Pumps which are so popular with women do not cause any interest.

Warning. Men can't stand long and tight shoes toes and huge shoes. Males say no to big flat shoes.

Hairstyle. Men are fond of both short and long hair. Classic styles with long straight hair have been recognized as really boring. Intriguing hairstyles are something that causes a male interest: hair that bares the neck, long hair drawn back, a curl on the temple and natural colours.

Make-up. The more natural it is, the more attractive it seems for men. But as British psychologists prove men like better the women with make-up than without it at all. The main secret that London escorts try to stick to is that men should think that they are without makeup. Naturalness is the main point for any make-up rules.

Fragrance. Good perfume brings fifty points to male evaluation of escorts. So it turns out that males have not only eyes but also nose that helps them get into a female trap. The choice of suitable perfume is very individual. London escorts keep two major things in mind - perfume should reflect a female personality and it should not be too strong. Good perfume is not felt after five minutes of using it. So do not overdo with it.

Jewellery. Chains with little pendants on a female neck, elegant bracelets underlining female wrists are the things that drive men crazy. Large earrings, massive bijouterie make men feel nervous. Most of men have a negative attitude to piercing.

And at last the thing that can bring positive emotions and feelings not only too men but also to women, a little present mentioned above is of course, smile! It is a real magnet for men. So London escorts are always open and cheerful, they smile. So if escorts liked a man, they give them a signal - a smile