ABC of Escorts' Lips

The main sign of female attraction is her lips. The size of lips plays an important role in a women's allure according to BBC news. British psychologists claim that female lips can convey sincere feelings of a woman. Female lips are so expressive that when a girl meets her beloved man her lips are filled with colour and become red. Lips of a woman are the main indicators of sensuality and warmth which are so necessary for human relationships.

They say the bigger the lips are, the better. But it does not mean that women who have thin lips should run to cosmetic surgeons. It is also a fact the too big lips can just alienate men. A professor of a British Surgical center admits that most of women search for their elusive combinations of sensuality and servility. BBC journalists slightly mock at the famous American actress Angelina Jolie.

However it is important for female lips to tell about women's tenderness and femininity. Any sign of roughness and male features reduces the chances for a male attention. Men are always looking for a mix of plump, red and moist lips the lips that remind of the lips of fantastic Marilyn Monroe.

According to a professor of a British Surgical Center escorts who purse their lips send men a signal that they are not interested in intimate relationships with them. And as the professor assures when a woman purses her lips tightly it is not a good sign. British surgeons have also revealed that beautiful lips can make a female face is even more attractive but lips cannot do anything with a face that is not so pretty. Generally a little nose, big eyes and sensual lips are the facial features that make any woman a real beauty.

British surgeons have worked out some formulas that tell a man about female traits of character judging by their lips.

The statistics shows that female lips in the form of a bow are the most feminine. They testify about escorts' charm, coquette and sensuality but at the same time about insincerity and falsity.

Fruity lips are characteristic of lively, easy-going and open women who make friends very easily and get used to any situation. They are very temperamental and sensual.

Small lips are tender, thin and smooth. The escorts who have such lips are very noble-minded, intelligent, honest and modest.

Thin lips are a sign of coldness and charm at the same time. They produce an impression of a passionate female, very tender but sometimes too reserved. These escorts are difficult to persuade to follow you and in any situation they are eloquent and witty. Thin lips characterize strict females.

Harmonic lips are a bit ironic and can belong to a poetess and an intellectual who is able to combine reality and sentimentality.

Plump lips are features of sensuality and a firm character, the traits of which are a great control of feelings, imperturbable serenity and necessity in getting pleasure.

There is also such a notion as geometry of lips according to which it is possible to tell about a female character judging by the form that lips take during the kiss. It is also probable to understand the attitude of people to each other relying on these forms.