Role Of A Lifetime

When it comes to the bedroom many people have all kinds of different and exciting ways to spice things up or simply just be a little bit more creative with their bedroom adventures. For decades now people have fantasised over uniforms and particular jobs as a sexual fantasy. 

Role-playing is something many people get involved in when in the bedroom and it can really add some spice to the bedroom. Equally some people have fantasies of being in particular job roles and as an escort, you can easily provide this service for clients and even charge extra since it's a speciality. 

Costumes are easy enough to find but you can cover the cost of buying the costumes and playing the roles by charging a little bit more. So what are some of the fun role-plays you could adopt as an escort to please your clients. 

We thought to help you out, we could compile a short-list of great role-play ideas for you to introduce in the bedroom that are sure to please your clients and have them wanting more. 


So without further ado let's get into some of the more popular role-plays people choose starting with:


A Naughty Nurse 

A classic here. The naughty nurse is one of the most sought-after fantasies when it comes to role-plays and many people fantasise about having there owned overly caring nurse pay attention to every aspect of them. Typically the nurse costumes, due to popularity, are incredibly easy to find and come in a range of designs. 

Most commonly they can be found in red, white, blue, or a combination of these colours and range in design from realistic work uniforms to sexy, skimpy nurse inspired outfits. 

The role attached to this costume is usually that of an injured patient and an over caring nurse who wishes to do everything she can to for her patient. If you don't fancy being in control you can play a nurse who has a hard time controlling her overly touchy client. 


A Dominant Cop 

The police officer is also another popular role-play costume, if not just a popular as the naughty nurse and is equally as easy to find. The police costume usually comes in blue or black and ranges in designs, probably a lot more than a naughty nurse. The police uniform comes in a range of sexy designs from full body cat-suit type outfits to shirts and skirts. 

The fun thing about the police uniform is the number of props it comes with including a police hat, badge, catch and even a pair of handcuffs which can be playfully used in the bedroom.

The role attached to this outfit is normally about a strong, dominant police officer who takes control of her perp. Again if you don't fancy being the one in control you can choose to play a police officer who's got her hands full and is dealing with a more than naughty criminal. 


School Girl

Lastly is the schoolgirl uniform. The British schoolgirl uniform usually consists of a skirt, shirt, tie and white stockings. The skirt and tie combo is usually in one of three colours which are blue, red or green. 

This outfit is easy to find due to its popularity and can be found in a range of sizes to fit all. The schoolgirl outfits like the police officer and nurse range from semi-realistic to sexy and inspired. 

If you see yourself as a bomb-shell in one of these costumes it may be worth adding this to your roster of services to drive your clients completely crazy and give them an experience with a cop, nurse or a naughty school girl, that they'll never forget.