Raising Glasses & Confidence

Confidence is something that is like a little secret weapon we have that gets us through a lot of things. A lack of confidence can sometimes become a hindrance for you to be able to do stuff and enjoy experiences to their full potential, but it isn’t something that is uncommon at all. The most confident people also do have little struggles and doubts when it comes to confidence, and will normally have something in particular that may bring up issues around their confidence, and for men, we tend to find ourselves a little stumped when it comes to the opposite sex. You cant really help but get a little nervous and feel somewhat intimidated when face to face with a striking, gorgeous woman and you may feel yourself at a loss for words, basically just clamming up and it’s getting you kinda down. To help you in your time of need, here at Bubbles, we’ve got a solution that may be hugely beneficial to you.

A lot of clients book in escorts as a way to help increase their confidence, whether this is just general confidence, confidence with physicality’s or just getting back into the swing of simply communicating with a female. Why, you ask? Well, we’re going to point out 5 great ways that booking an escort can help bring you a fresh new burst of confidence, in no particular order:

Trying New Things

There may be fantasies that you have or different experiences that you’ve had an urge to fulfill and you’ve not yet been able to carry these out with someone else whether it’s because of confidence, or other reasons, but regardless of doing something new for the first time that you find yourself having a curiosity about, can feel a bit embarrassing and maybe even a little scary. You can’t fully enjoy yourself trying something new if you’re starting to feel overly self-conscious about it as you’ll find yourself overthinking and not making the most out of the experience. You maybe have felt a bit nervous to try something new in the bedroom in past companionships or relationships as you’ve felt that you may be judged, but this is something that you needn’t worry about with an escort. 

Because of how professional they are, no judgement will be passed on to you. Escorts are very open and as they are very keen to please, they will consult you to find out what you want and what you want to try out so that they can give you the best experience possible. If you’re wanting to experiment, she will provide that for you as she is carrying the confidence knowing she knows just the right ways to please you and is willing to try new things also. As an escort is pretty much a stranger too, and you have control over which escort you book,  so if you want to try something new with an escort, you won’t need to worry about feeling awkward because you can choose to see a different escort on your next booking if you prefer.

Women Want What Other Women Have

When your confidence is a little low, you may feel that so many women are well out of your league, without even realising or even noticing when someone blatantly fancies them! However, if you book in say, a romantic meal at a luxe restaurant with one of our beautiful escorts, this will turn heads! As humans, we can’t help sometimes but to long for the nice things that we see other people have, whether they’re material things or not. If another woman sees’s a stunning escort accompanying you, and witnesses your gentlemanly behaviour, this will indicate to you that women ARE looking at you, and are giving you attention, finally making you see! This realisation will have confidence radiating off you!

Being Seen With A Beautiful Woman

Like we mentioned before, having a wonderful woman on your arm can garner you quite a bit of attention, and in turn, this can boost your self-image when you know all eyes are on you both. When people see that you are walking proud with a beautiful woman, they will immediately recognise that that stunning woman is with you, and maybe even help their confidence a little to go out and talk to women, and walk tall and proud just like you are. 

Get Comfortable

As we highlighted at the start of our post, it’s very easy to clam up when in the presence of a member of the opposite sex, especially if you find yourself incredibly attracted to them. Women are intimidating with their wit, smarts, strong personalities, and beauty, and of course, all of our escorts share these winning qualities so you’re probably wondering why if you can’t speak to women anyway, how on earth are you going to speak to an escort? 

Escorts experience spending time with all sorts of clients, the liveliest clients you can imagine, all the way too the timidest of people, and are therefore trained to ensure that whatever you do with them, wherever you go and whatever the duration of time you spend with them, you are comfortable and having a good time. If you’re not having a good time and feeling at ease, of course, the escort will feel as though she isn’t doing her job properly so will go out of her way to make sure you’re relaxed. You don’t have to take charge of the conversation, and you can also let her know that you’re feeling nervous. She won’t be judgemental and will take things at your pace, so she can slowly peel back the layers and reveal your golden personality!

Feeling More Attractive

If you’re not overly keen on the way you look, this can have a massive impact on your confidence and vice versa. All your mates, family etc could tell you-'you're a looker' and it’s in one ear out the other when your low confidence is getting in the way of you accepting any of this. Confidence isn’t something that is so easily obtained, little things can knock it like if someone even looks at us the wrong way, or speaks to us in an ill manner, it can make you feel low for the rest of the day, so once you’re set on not liking the way you look even if it’s something as small as getting a spot, this can set you off on a downer. 

Hiring an escort, and having a beautiful woman give you so much attention, and focusing on you and solely you, and doing everything she can to please you and to pamper you, will help you feel more desired. When you feel desired, cherished and wanted, this will help you feel more attractive, especially when the woman giving you all this attention is incredible! This will remind you of how awesome of a person you are, and remind you of your worth so you’re not so hesitant next time you feel you want to get out there and meet new people.

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and if Bubbles are able to help you with your confidence, then we are more than happy to provide the service for you to do so. Stay confident, and enjoy! Thanks for reading.