Getting Laid On A Layover

London is home to three of the biggest airports in the world meaning many people pass through our great capital city for a short period while they are waiting for their connecting flight. 

Layovers, especially ones that last upwards of twelve hours aren’t particularly fun, you can’t risk going somewhere too far from the airport, or you might risk getting stuck, and there’s never anything interesting near the airport to while away the time. 

Whether you’re at Heathrow, Gatwick or Luton airport for a period, you’ll find that booking an escort is a great way to take advantage of all the extra time you have in the city with straying too far from the airport. 

Our escorts can meet you at any airport hotel around London, even if you’re booking the room for a few hours it can be the perfect place to meet one of our fabulous escorts. The two of you could enjoy a drink at a bar like Union Jack’s at Gatwick or Huxleys near Heathrow before coming back to your room. 

Sometimes it’s just hard to take your mind off. Layovers can be incredibly lonely experiences and often they just add to the stress of flying; you don’t realise that you have a few hours in a city you might never be in again where you can be a completely different person for a couple of hours. 

Booking an escort can take your mind off all that stress in-between the long wait for connecting flights. These girls make excellent companions even if it is just for a short space of time you’ll find yourself boarding your connecting flight with a smile. 

We also have girls from a variety of different backgrounds so if you require a girl who can speak a specific language then simply ring up our friendly and helpful receptionist team and they’ll be happy to point you in the direction of the girl they believe is the best fit for your particular needs.

If you’re after a particular service or type of girl then take a look at our gallery, we have gorgeous A-level escorts, oWo escorts and bisexual escorts available to make your London layover genuinely memorable. And if you’re unsure of if a girl is available near your airport then ask our receptionists, and they may be able to pull some strings. 

We can arrange all aspects of your appointment with one of our girls whether you choose to have a girl meet you at the airport gate or your hotel room, at Bubbles Escort Agency we work to make the whole process incredibly simple. 

Your chosen escort can be with you in a matter of hours from your time of booking, and we have some of the most competitive prices in London to make the booking even better. So why not book an escort while you're in London?  

Maximise your short stay in the capital city by enjoying the company of one of our beautiful girls.