Escort Etiquette

Whether it’s your first time hiring an escort or the hundredth you can always learn some valuable etiquette your booking with a companion, especially the high-class girls at Bubbles. So here are some quick etiquette tips to ensure your next booking is your best one yet: Respect- Our girls come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and they all have different reasons for being an escort. However, it’s not polite to ask a woman why she’s in this industry or what she does with her time when she’s not at work. Not only does it ruin the fantasy it makes things a little awkward if she doesn’t want to answer those questions. Best leave it be. Tidiness- It bears repeating, showing respect to an escort starts with hygiene.

Have a shower, brush your teeth and put on a drop of aftershave, she’ll be more attracted to you, and it shows her you made an effort for the booking as well.   Communication- The escorts you find on Bubbles are sophisticated, elite ladies and can talk with you about many different topics. Therefore don’t just bark orders at her, let things progress naturally and develop through conversation and questions about what you like, she’ll be able to work out what you want without you having to say a word. Clear head- No one is trying to stop you from having fun but don’t get off your face before your booking, a glass of wine is okay but maybe don’t finish the entire bottle.

Enjoy yourself but don't over do it

You and your escort can enjoy a drink together, but if you overdo it, you’re likely not to remember what happens and not have a good time. Research- Don’t just book a girl because you like the look of her if you’re after a specific service. Each of our girls has her own unique set of services and boundaries, and it’s easy to filter them out on our website, don’t book a girl and expect she’ll do what you want. Clear it with our reception team beforehand to double check. Patience- Sometimes your chosen girl will need to verify a few things and check in before you get down to business, don’t try to rush her she’s just doing what’s required for her.

Be helpful but also use this time to get to grips with your surroundings and yourself. Why not take some time to appreciate the moment? Privacy- We ensure that all of your details are kept private when you make a booking with us, so we expect the same courtesy to be extended to our escorts. When you make a reservation, make sure it’s just for you unless you’ve explicitly stated it’s a couple booking, she needs to know what she’s walking into.

Presents- It’s not expected, but it’s always a pleasant surprise for our girls when they receive flowers, jewellery or a tip with their payment. This sort of thing can set you apart from other bookings and turn you into an escorts favourite client.