Aspects to Dating a Client

When having a profession such as escorting, you’re exposed to all different types of people, both faithful, and unfaithful, from wives or husbands playing away from home, too inexperienced individuals who are looking to awaken their wildest fantasies and explore themselves a little more. Being faced with all sorts of different kinds of people can either make you immune to even the thought of professing feelings for anyone, but you might just come across that one client who makes you want to say those 3 magic words.

You shouldn’t assume that an escort is in love with you just because she treats you special, after all, you are paying for an experience, and a lot of people request TGE which is an even more realistic type of service to receive from an escort, however, if an escort finds that she has started to organically develop feelings for you, and decides to pursue this, there are a few aspects for the both of you to be aware of:

Knight in Shining Armour

A lot of clients who may find that they’ve developed an attachment or some sort of emotional connection with their escort, but it isn’t reciprocated feel that they can ‘save’ their escort. They view them as being in a damsel in distress type of situation because of the nature of their work, and assume that they need to save them from this and give them a ‘better life’.

However, this isn’t the case for many escorts as this is the type of lifestyle and career that they enjoy and highly praise, meaning that they’d fail to understand if a client is looking to ‘rescue’ them. If you’re dating an escort, it’s wise to keep in mind that she is used to being very independent and that she can hold her own.

Love vs Lust

It’s an honest and easy mistake to make, feeling like you’re in love when you’re in the presence of someone who’s beauty you cant even begin to comprehend. Having someone so aesthetically pleasing in front of us can trigger off all sorts of hormones inside us that can rush around our body all at once and give the illusion that we’re feeling this euphoric because we’re in love. Rather than just admitting that actually we’re only just ridiculously turned on, some clients may for a split second confuse this crazy lust with picturing yours and his wedding day!


It’s important that before entering any relationship, that you have a basic layer foundation of trust that you can both build on over time, in order to have a comfortable, confident, healthy and long-lasting relationship. Differing perspectives on your profession can affect the trust your partner has for you, as he may fail to understand why you continue to escort when you have a partner, and classes it as cheating rather than a career choice. It’s important that if your partner is an escort and has chosen to continue on with this, that you trust her enough to allow her to carry this out without feeling any hostility towards this decision.

As an escort there may also be some insecurities that you have, as you may feel as though your partner is only with you because you are an escort, and so that he has access to exciting services without a charge, or that he might try and seek out other escorts.


Being so besotted with someone and feeling so overwhelmed that they’ve chosen you out of a whole sea of people to be with is an amazing feeling. Being the partner of an escort brings about this feeling in an even stronger wave, as your partner has a profession where she meets so many different people every day. So what makes you so special?

No matter how many dates she goes on, how many men she converses with, you’re the person that caught her attention and who she decided to open up to, be vulnerable to, and allow herself to love which for a lot of escorts, can be a very very big risk and a huge step for them personally. It’s a lovely feeling knowing that you’ve been chosen out of everyone else and will boost your confidence knowing she saw so much more in you than she’s ever seen in anyone else previously. That’s impressive!

It’s not such a crazy thing to think that meeting so many people day in and day out could potentially bring you across the love of your life. Before entering a personal relationship it’s important that you both enter it completely transparently so that you’re both on the same page. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!