Places to Invite an Escort as Your Plus-one

We’ve all been there, that crippling fear when you’ve received an invitation and the RSVP box asks ‘Do you require a plus one?” And while there’s nothing wrong with attending an event alone it can feel incredibly lonely when a sea of couples surrounds you, and you're the only single person.

This is why many men choose to book our escorts as plus-ones to upcoming events in London because our girls are not only beautiful but brilliant companions, they make any evening that little bit more exciting and no one will be able to clock that you’ve only known each other for a short amount of time.


So here are just a few situations where booking one of our fabulous makes the night a little more exciting…


Fancy Restaurant

No one likes dining alone, especially during the evening this is because the atmosphere at some of the finest London restaurants caters towards lovers and friends.

Inviting a gorgeous escort to a dinner date can light your evening, whether it’s just enjoying someone else presence across the table or some casual dinner conversation it’s something about just having another person there that can really make your whole evening go from lonely to lively.


Hotel Bar

If you’re only in the city for a short time, then you may not feel inclined to go out and explore the city in its entirety, but you don’t want to waste your time hold up in your hotel room by yourself. 

Inviting one of our gorgeous escorts for a drink at a hotel bar can be a great way to relax and enjoy a well-deserved rest without just feeling like you’re wasting your time in London, furthermore after your drink at the hotel bar you can always invite her back up to your hotel room.


Business Event

Formal business events feel especially horrible if you’re by yourself, whereas if you’re with a partner, then you’ve got someone by your side to help impress your business colleagues and help rescue you from moments of awkward conversation when you forget your co-worker's name. 

Furthermore, you will definitely become one of the more popular colleagues in your office if you have a gorgeous woman hanging off your arm.


Old Friend’s Wedding

It’s a fact of life that the older you get, the more weddings you have to go to, and nothing is worse than attending these weddings alone. If you have a wedding of a friend you haven’t seen since university or your school days and you’re worried about impressing old friends, exes and acquaintances then you may want to book one of our gorgeous escorts to be your plus-one. 

You’ll feel more confident if you know that someone in the room is definitely on your side and will talk you up to all those people you were nervous to see.


So if you’re dreading your next big event then book one of our escorts, and you’ll find yourself actually looking forward to it.